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© 2008 Paradigm Drums

© 2008 Paradigm Drums

Bearing Edges: Edges are cut to suit the characteristics of the shell and the role of the drum.  Typically within a kit, bass drum, snare, and toms will all have different edge profiles.  Most commonly I use some version of a outer roundover with an inner 45 degree cut.  Special requests can be accommodated.  See the Notes on Sound page for more info on how edges affect the sound of a drum.


Finish: Paradigm drums come with your choice of wrap or finish.  Finished drums come standard in a satin or semi-gloss varnish.  Drums in natural wood tones can also be done in a hand-rubbed satin oil finish.  I can build with any commercially available wrap, which means sparkles, pearls, ripples, onyx, satin flame--you name it--in a wide range of colors.  (Glass glitters and Champagne Sparkle wrap are extra.)  Custom wraps are available in almost any color you can imagine, including custom color sparkles, glitters, pearls, and ripples, for an extra charge.  Maple drums can be stained any color you choose.  For stained or natural drums I use an eco-friendly varnish that forms a durable hard coating.  I typically stain the inside of drums a complimentary color and seal them with a hard but rough coating to protect the wood without creating unwanted overtones.  


Heads: Remo Ambassador heads are standard--coated batter heads, clear resonant heads, Fiberskyn front head on bass drum.  Other heads available upon request, most at no charge.  


Lugs: Chrome “Tear Drop” lugs are standard on toms and bass drums.  Bridge lugs are standard on snares.


Mounting Hardware: Suspension mounts are standard for toms.  Legs are standard for floor toms.  Bass drums come standard with a modern style tom mounting bracket and tom arm(s).  


Spurs: Heavy duty telescoping spurs are standard.  


Snare Strainer: Gibraltar Classic Deluxe strainer is standard.  This is a smooth-functioning strainer with a vintage style.  The RCK strainer by Drumfoundry or the chrome Trick strainer are other options that will fit with the overall styling of Paradigm drums and are available for an extra charge.


Snare Wires: Dynamicx snare wires are standard.  These are top quality wires that offer incredible sensitivity and response across a wide dynamic range.  They have a lush and fat sound.  For those who like their snare drums extra crispy, I recommend Puresound Custom wires.


Hoops: 2.3mm triple flanged hoops are standard on maple drums.  1.6mm triple flanged hoops are standard on Maple Classic and Mahogany Classic drums.  Die-cast, sticksaver, chrome over brass, and single-flanged hoops are available for an extra charge.  See the Notes on Sound page for info on how hoops affect the sound of a drum.


Bass Drum Hoops: 12-Ply Keller maple hoops come with your choice of finish with or without wrap inlay at no extra charge.  10-ply hoops are also available.  Wood inlays are available for an extra charge.





For the following optional features, add the price to the standard drum cost.  If there is something you want that you don’t see here, just ask.




Tube lugs for snare drums--$50/drum


“Mod” tube lugs for snare drums–$70/drum


Snare Strainer:


RCK Strainer–$30


Trick Chrome Strainer–$70


Snare Wires:


Puresound Custom Wires–$30




Die-cast hoops--$100 for snare drum.  Email for prices on full drumsets.



Bass Drum Spurs:


Vintage Style Spurs--no charge


Dunnett Gull Wing Spurs--$50




Glass Glitters--$30/drum


Champagne Sparkle or custom colors--email for prices.  (Custom wraps are probably cheaper than you think.)




Wood inlays can be added to any drum or wooden hoop--$125/inlay




Note: I strive to provide each customer with his or her dream instrument, custom built to their specifications.  However, Paradigm is not a do-everything drum company.  I need to be able to stand behind every instrument I build in terms of quality of construction, sound, and look.  If you want drums with oversized vents, pictures of dragons or skulls, powdercoated hardware, or lugs shaped like stars or dice, I’m probably not the guy you want to talk to.